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Michael D. Jones

Age 23

Stephenville, Texas

Professional Team Roper

Height 6 Ft.
Weight 175 Lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown







Michael Jones is one of the new, young guns of Team Roping. Michael has become a member of the 2002 USA Olympic Rodeo Team by winning the PRCA, Wrangler Pro Tour "Copenhagen Cup Finale" held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Michael and his partner will be one of only five teams qualified for this prestigious event.




Stephenville, TX – While most cowboys and cowgirls will be heading to Fort Worth, Texas this week for the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo, one local cowboy will be traveling a little further north to rope for gold. Stephenville’s Michael D. Jones will be leading the charge for Team USA in the Olympic Command Performance Rodeo to be held in Farmington, Utah, February 9th through February 11th. Teams from the United States and Canada will be vying for Gold, Silver & Bronze medals during this Olympic exhibition in each of the seven rodeo events: bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riding, calf roping, barrel racing, and bull riding. Jones qualified for the Olympics by winning the team roping event at the 2001 Wrangler Pro Tour “Copenhagen Cup Finale” in Las Vegas, Nevada (MGM Grand) this past year.  Jones is the only Pro Rodeo cowboy to qualify for the Olympics from the entire Dallas / Fort Worth area. “Qualifying for the Olympics is a highlight of my professional career and a once in a lifetime opportunity”, says Jones. “I have been blessed with the ability and support to compete at this level.” Asked how he felt about being an “Olympic cowboy”, Jones added, “I am very proud to be representing our Great Country and our Western heritage as a member of the 2002 United States Olympic Rodeo Team”. Jones grew up with a rope in his hand. And his family’s business, ROPRO Training Systems provided the technology. ROPRO Training Systems is a Western training, manufacturing and marketing company that integrates bio-mechanical training with products and services. When asked about her son’s success, Jones’s mother, Linda said, “ We are very proud, but not surprised by Michael’s success. He has always made roping so much fun for us to watch, and he has never been intimidated by tough competition. He qualified for the Olympics by being prepared and then taking advantage of every opportunity to win. After he won the “Cup” in Las Vegas, the first thing he said to me was, Mom, I’m going to the Olympics, can you believe it?” Rick Barton, President of Equibrand Corporation expects great things from Jones. “The pressure didn’t bother Michael as he out performed the World’s other great rodeo athletes, including World Champions, to qualify for the Olympics. I enjoy watching Michael rope. He was spectacular as he won the 2001 Wrangler ProTour “Copenhagen Cup Finale”.  

2001 Wrangler ProTour 
“Copenhagen Cup Finale” Champion



2002 USA Olympic Team Member !

Michael is the first Team Roper to be trained using bio-mechanical training methods, used in other sports, which have never before, been used in traditional Rodeo training. He is actively involved in his family’s training business and helped develop many of the training techniques used in that business. 

As an Exercise Physiologist and Bio-mechanist I have had the opportunity to evaluate many athletes, their training, their potential and their subsequent performances. Michael has been trained on a system that incorporates the horsemanship phase, rope handling skills, the handling of calves and steers as well as the skills necessary to optimize partner performance. Michael has been educated with and practiced exclusively using this system. Most systems are not fully integrated. That is, they do not address the relationship between these phases, nor are the phases accomplished in a seamless fashion. Events requiring skill as their major component as opposed to events requiring absolute power or speed allow the individual a longer competitive life span at the highest level of competition. For these reasons as well as the maturity to handle the rigors of competition at an early age, I believe, give Michael Jones the potential to compete and perform at world class level well into his forties should he choose to do so.

J. Vaughn Martin, PhD.




I have known Michael Jones for approximately fifteen years and have watched him grow from being a " great kid " into an “admirable young man”. Michael was invited to become a member of the Wrangler Endorsee Team (and a member of the Wrangler family) for several reasons: He is a great athlete. He has qualified for, and won, the Copenhagen Cup Finale of the Wrangler Pro Tour. He will represent the USA at the Salt Lake Olympics in Team Roping. He is very photogenic and eager to work in photo shoots. He has an excellent work ethic. And, he has the potential to become a World Champion. However, the main reason Michael was invited to be a member of this very select group, is that he is an outstanding young man with whom we are proud to associate the Wrangler Brand.

Louis Russo, Director of Marketing, Wrangler



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Michael Jones = Team Roping

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